The magnum has seen drastic changes through all of the Halo series. From it’s Battle Rifle-esque days in Halo:CE to a very quick firing unused weapon in Halo 2. Now, we see a return to the Halo:CE days but without the scope. Very slow rate of fire and with a limited range makes this gun hard to use, but if used well can give a BR user a hard time at close range.


Although considered to be second best to the Assault Rifle, but this weapon has been made more effective to it’s Halo 2 counterpart. This weapon only used in a Duels match in Social Slayer as a starting weapon, but should that be all its for.

Sniper Rifle

The Sniper Rifle is the favorite weapon of most players in Halo 3, it’s the perfect weapon at long distance and strangely its good at close distance unlike most other games. As it’s on most maps people, it can become a very dominent on maps with good teamwork.



For Halo veterans the Needler should present a familiar prospect, as Halo 3 sees the Covenant weapon in its third incarnation. This time around Bungie have restored the weapon to the original single wield format used on Halo: CE, as opposed to the double wieldable form found on the sophomore release.

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