Construct is a medium sized, three tier map with the method of getting to the top using gravity lifts and ramps. The map requires alotof teamwork as enemies come out of the gravity lifts at any point. Construct is a map that requires alot of teamwork, so the map has many named locations as enemies can come from different location at any time. Knowing the names of the parts of the map is key as your team can clean up the kills you couldnt and it focuses team shooting.


Guardian is a close quarters jungle based map, with resemblence to Lockout and Ascension from Halo 2. Much like Construct and other maps used in the MLG playlist, this map is all about map control and one of the main keys to winning in any gametype is to communicate with fellow team mates. Below are all the ‘callouts’ of Guardian in visual form. These ‘callouts’ should be memorized through playing Halo 3. In a nutshell, the main key to win on this map is controlling the snipe tower, this includes S1, S2, S3 and Elbow. If all 4 of these positions are covered and communication is included, dominance is a certainty.

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