Posted by: Sam | January 3, 2009


The magnum has seen drastic changes through all of the Halo series. From it’s Battle Rifle-esque days in Halo:CE to a very quick firing unused weapon in Halo 2. Now, we see a return to the Halo:CE days but without the scope. Very slow rate of fire and with a limited range makes this gun hard to use, but if used well can give a BR user a hard time at close range.

Halo 3 Magnum

Halo 3 Magnum

Type: Spartan
Rate of Fire: Semi-Automatic
Clip Size: 8
Maximum Ammunition: 40
Range: Close to Mid
Found On: (A starting weapon for Team Slayer games) Epitaph, Guradian, Last Resort, The Pit


The starting weapon in Team Slayer games (not Team BR’s) you would think this weapon is used more than it is, however this weapon is overshadowed by the Battle Rifle. It is also often forgot about in entirly as a starting weapon, a mistake that can be punished as this weapon is far easier to kill a man with no shield with a magnum compared to the Assault Rifle.


The Magnum is very strange in its range, although it can shoot medium range this is no that effective usually. Though at close-medium range this gun this quite useful, with good team work this gun can become a Battle Rifle without a scope. However, you should always pick up a Carbine or Battle Rifle to replace your pistol. Make sure in Team Slayer games that you swap your Magnum and not Assualt Rifle, otherwise in up close battles you could lose.

Although the Magnum can be dual-wielded , this is not advised. Essentially the magnum is a baby Battle Rifle, so grenades go hand in hand with the Magnum. Combining with an SMG in a Team Duals match can be devastating but it’s a hard combo to master.

If Facing…

Assualt Rifle: At close range, generally, this is fight already lost. But at a medium distance it’s fight worth taking on as you will usually come out victorious. Always remember to avoid going for the punch as the Assault Rifle will always defeat you.

Battle Rifle: This is also a fight not worth taking on at any distance, usually you will lose to a Battle Rifle in any circumstance. Try to avoid a confrontation and throw grenades down to scare your opponant away.

Sniper Rifle: Like the Battle Rifle, this is  fight already lost at long or close distance. However in a mid to close distance, some good evasive tactics may allow the Magnum to come out on top. Remember to strafe and do not jump back or forward as this makes for an easy no scope.

Vehicles: The magnum is terrible against any vehicle.


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