Posted by: Sam | December 28, 2008


The addition to the Halo 3 vehicle onslaught is the Mongoose. Not very useful for slayer gametypes but ideal for Objective.

The new small vehicle for Halo 3

The new small vehicle for Halo 3

The mongoose is a quadbike like vehicle that has 1 driver and 1 passenger. Unless going for the Mongoose Mowdown achievement, the mongoose is useless in all Slayer gametypes. Do not ever get on a Mongoose with intention to splatter someone with it, it will not work on a frequent basis, about 1/50 attempts, not a good chance of killing.

Although for Objective gametypes its very effective for a quick flag grab or bomb transportation. It can catch the opponants off guard and it is very quick at getting the flag back. The Mongoose has a large downside in which it is extremely hard for the passager todeal a great amount of damage rom the back, its prone to any explosion from a frag, brute shot or rocket. Aswell its very easy for any gun damage the people on the mongoose.


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