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Guardian is a close quarters jungle based map, with resemblence to Lockout and Ascension from Halo 2. Much like Construct and other maps used in the MLG playlist, this map is all about map control and one of the main keys to winning in any gametype is to communicate with fellow team mates. Below are all the ‘callouts’ of Guardian in visual form. These ‘callouts’ should be memorized through playing Halo 3. In a nutshell, the main key to win on this map is controlling the snipe tower, this includes S1, S2, S3 and Elbow. If all 4 of these positions are covered and communication is included, dominance is a certainty.

Snipe Tower Overview

Snipe Tower Overview

Green Overview

Green Overview

Gold Overview

Gold Overview

Blue Overview

Blue Overview

As you will come to know, there are many variations to these ‘callouts’, but we feel that the names shown on here are the most common/most frequently utilized.


As we mentioned before, the Snipe Tower is key, one great advantage of holding Snipe Tower is that when shooting from S3/S2 across to Blue the enemies will have a extremely hard time shooting you continuously due to the high rimmed edge of the corner, use this to your favour. However, like every map, positions have flaws and one major dissadvantage of standing in S2 is that it is hugely open to grenade attacks from Top Middle and Elbow. As well as that some less experienced players may ignore S3 but more than often, enemies spawning Blue room/Window will travel across Top Middle to Jump up to S3 suprising you at S2. Guardian is not really dominated by power weapons compared to other maps such as Construct, but the Hammer (spawn Bottom Middle) can get quite frustrating at times so watching someone doesnt sneak up on you through S1 is vital. One weapon that does push the opposing team back is the sniper (spawn at S1). If the opening battle is won and your team has control of the Sniper tower the Sniper can be used freely, however we suggest not to rush the sniper at the start of the match as normally in a Guardian match, everyone travels to Sniper Tower and you could well be rushed by assualt rifles.

Due to the magnetism of the sniper, many people tend to avoid the active camo at the beginning, this can be used to pick up a few easy kills. However this is not to say you go full pelt at the enemy, play it smart, try to get around them and pick up a few ‘back smacks’ (assassinations). More on Powerups will be explained on a seperate page (LINK HERE).

If you have spawned Elbow/Green, one way to use your overshield advantage to the maximum is to wait and hear if anyone travels over the mancannon to S2 as if they don’t, it could be half a shield wasted. Another advantage of this technique is that once picked up, it gives you 3 seconds of invunerability!, so if picked up after someone has just finished coming over the mancannon, there is little chance of even having any overshield burnt down.

The last major power weapon on Guardian is the Shotgun, this can be extremely dominant and our best advice if faced with a shotgun opponent (if no escape is available) is to death stick them with a plasma grenade. Overall however Team shooting is very important in Guardian and we suggest the person covering S3 or Elbow should pick up the Carbine (longer distance weapon than the assault rifle). The BR is the substitute for this example over on Gold Side. (spawn at Top Gold, just on the entrance to the Jump Up)

Predicting Spawns

Preciting spawns can be the difference between winning and losing, this involves throwing grenades or aiming at points in the map where the opposing team is likely to spawn. Guardian is a small map so predicting spawns is relatively easy. For example, if your team is set up at Snipe Tower and you have finished off the kills previously at Blue, it is likely that the enemies will spawn at Gold or Green/Elbow. Communication can severely increase your odds at predicting spawns here. Blocking spawns is also a way of determining the spawns of the opposing team, due to Bungies relatively complex spawn system compared to other games such as COD, players will spawn away from the opposing team. An example of this would be if 2 of your team is set up on Snipe Tower and the other 2 are hovering around Gold and Blue Rooms. It is very likely that the opposing team will spawn in Green. But be on the look out because these are odds, not certainties and a back smack could come your way if your not cautious.

Weapon and Power Up Spawn Timers

Battle Rifle- 30
Carbine- 30
Spiker- 30
Sniper- 180
Hammer- 180
Plasma Pistol- 90
Plasma Rifle- 10
Bruteshot- 120
Mauler- 45
SMG- 10
Shotgun- 180
Magnum- 30
Bubble Shield- 60

Overshield – 180 (Spawn at S2)

Active Camo – 180 (Spawn at Camo)

Playlists and Gametypes

Ranked Playlists

Lone Wolves
Slayer, Swords, OddBall
Slayer BR’s, Crazy King

Team Slayer
Team Slayer
Team BR’s

Team Objective

Oddball, Crazy King

Team Doubles
Slayer, Team BR’s , Team Snipers, Oddball, Crazy King

Hardcore Playlists

Team Oddball, Team Slayer

Team SWAT, Shwatguns, SWAT Magnums

Team Snipers

Shotty Snipers, Team Snipers

Social Playlists

Rumble Pit
Slayer, Crazy King, Mosh Pit , Oddball, Swords

Social Slayer
Team Slayer, Team BR’s, Swords

Multi Team

Team Slayer, Team Swords, Hammerzeit, Team Oddball, Team Crazy King, VIP


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