Posted by: Sam | December 21, 2008

SMG (Sub Machine Gun)

Although considered to be second best to the Assault Rifle, but this weapon has been made more effective to it’s Halo 2 counterpart. This weapon only used in a Duels match in Social Slayer as a starting weapon, but should that be all its for.

Type: Human
Rate of Fire: Automatic
Clip Size: 60
Maximum Ammunition: 180
Range: Short
Found On: Blackout, Epitaph, Guardian, High Ground, Last Resort, Narrows, The Pit, Valhalla.


Formerly a starting weapon in Halo 2, the SMG is often overlooked because of the Assault Rifle. However, as a dual wielded combo it can be quite powerful. The SMG has a very high rate of fire, quick reload times (if single wielded) and is strong against enemies with no shields. Despite these advantages, the SMG unfortunately has numerous significant disadvantages, including its very limited range, high recoil and extremely high recoil when dual wielded. The SMG is also weak at taking down shields, unlike the plasma rifle, the covenant alternative. As with most dual wielding weapons, the SMG is far weaker when single wielded. However, with dual wielding comes the loss of grenades and what with the SMG’s strength in finishing enemies, rather than removing their shields, the absence of grenade is a big loss.


Surprise is the key when using dual wield weapons, a battle rifle user does not stand much of a chance when ambushed by SMG’s. When seen with dual wield weapons players will back away, throwing grenades down as they go, do not follow your kill in this situation as a Battle Rifle is dominant as you will be damaged from the grenades. So after a conflict with the enemy, dropping the second weapon is often a good idea because a good player will always call out to team mates and you then lose the element of surprise.

When facing a player with SMG’s back off from the player if using a battle rifle. Backing round a corner, shooting and throwing grenades, is a good tactic, this will hopefully lure them in into the grenades. This makes for an easy Battle Rifle head shot, the same principle applies for a Sniper/Beam Rifle although running away in general is a better idea as it’s not worth sacrificing a power weapon.

Dual Wield weapons are a very good support weapon as they provide a very good distraction and divert attention from Battle Rifle fire on other team mates. For team games they can help out in assists even if it doesn’t get the kills, remember Halo is a team game and even a few shots can help out a team member. However using in free for all is not advised as they are not the best weapons for finishing kills compared to the Battle Rifle.

If Facing..

Assault Rifle: If faced by an Assault Rifle, resist the temptation to melee the opponent, a frequent mis-step of the SMG user. In a melee war the Assault Rifle will usually emerge victorious against most weapons, so back off from the enemy, jumping, strafing and maintain fire.

Battle Rifle: Unless at close range, don’t attack the opponent as you will never win this fight in most circumstances. If attacked by a Battle Rifle user at Mid-Distance try to run away as this is a fight that cannot be won. Dropping the second weapon is a good idea so you can throw grenades to scare the attacker away. SMG’s are very good against Battle Rifle users and charge them as they shouldnt be able to kill you first.

Sniper/Beam Rifle: Don’t attempt to attack a Sniper at Mid or long range, unless at close range stay, away from anyone with a Sniper Rifle. Try to look for alternatives to takedown the sniper without charging head on. Do not try to melee someone who has a Sniper Rifle as a good sniper will No Scope beat down, stay close and strafing and jumpingbut not too close.

Vehicles: Unknown to most, dual SMG’s are surprisingly good against vehicles, especially careless Banshee pilots. This is due to its very high rate of fire.

Best Maps to use on

The Pit is a good level to use on as ambushing a Snipe on the tower will not be expecting SMG’s. And the SMG’s on The Pit are conveniently placed at the foot of the Sniper Tower on the air lift side.


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