Posted by: Sam | December 21, 2008


Construct is a medium sized, three tier map with the method of getting to the top using gravity lifts and ramps. The  map  requires alot of teamwork as enemies come out of the gravity lifts at any point. Construct is a map that requires alot of teamwork, so the map has many named locations as enemies can come from different location at any time. Knowing the names of the parts of the map is key as your team can clean up the kills you couldnt and it focuses team shooting.

The names are as follows:

Open Side Overview

Close Side Overview

Basement Overview

Rockets Overview

Sniper Overview

Weapons on the Map (respawn timer)

Assault Rifle
Battle Rifle
Brute Shot
Energy Sword (180 seconds)
Plasma Pistol
Sniper Rifle (180 seconds)
Spartan Laser (120 seconds)
Missile Pod

Equipment and Grenades (respawn timer)

Bubble Shield
Power Drain
Frag Grenade
Plasma Grenade

Strategy for Team Slayer

The starting battle usually comes to a fight in the middle of the second tier, however avoiding this and jumping up a lift allows you grab a Battle Rifle, Sniper Rifle and Sword and also rain down fire on the opposing team . In addition,  if some of your team mates die at the bottom they will spawn at the top with you making it easier for your team to gain map control. Power weapon control is not as important as other levels compared to Construct, however the Energy Sword can become quite dominant. But do not walk around with the Sword brandished as a good player will back away from you, making you look quite the fool.

Construct is a map that heavily based around map control, more than power weapon control. A good strategy is to have one man covering each of the purple lifts with a man in the lobby. This means that each of the lifts are covered and there is protection from people coming through sword. The extra man should cover the gold lift on the open side so he can watch the open ramp, but remember to make sure the power cores behind him have been destroyed otherwise this man is easily defeated. When people come up the lifts the team should then try to focus fire around whihc lift or lifts they are coming up making it very hard for the opposing team to become settled.

The spawning system on Construct can be strange at times, it feels that the opposing team can spawn very close to you. This is because usually if you have a team mate on the top tier, then your team will spawn with that player. Presuming hes not in combat. The last team mate should always try to stay alive at the top as its far harder to attack coming up the lifts compared to fighting on the same tier.

Consrtuct in Team Slayer is about map control first and foremost, if map control is gained and maintained throughout the matched it is very unlikely that team will lose. When trying to break a the opposing teams set up  look for splitting up to take different lifts and try using the open ramp as its not expected by most. Be patiant, do not jump up the lift. Just because there is no one on the radar doesn’t mean someone is camping the lift. In addition, a lesser known way is to walk up the pillars leading up to the Sword spawn room. This can cause a distraction from one the purple lifts leaving your team mates able to go up that lift to flank.

Strategy for Lone Wolves

There is only one weapon when it comes to FFA(Free for All) on Construct, the Energy Sword. Although more veteran players of the Halo 3 series may class this as a “Noob” tactic, it is what wins the matches. Patrolling lobby, open purple and close purple is the best area, an escape route is always avaliable unless against enemies from many sides. Be weary on  Construct, camping the lifts is a very popular tactic (often with a Mauler) and it works effectively so remember to be patient before going up a lift and go up the sword beams.If  not a Slayer BR’s game, pick up a BR, try to steal kills as this is what the Battle Rifle is best at in Lone Wolves.

Playlists and Gametypes in Matchmaking

Ranked Playlists

Lone Wolves
Slayer BR’s

Team Slayer
Team Slayer
Team BR’s

Team Doubles
Team Slayer
Team BR’s
Team Snipers
Team Crazy King

Squad Battle
Big Team Slayer

Hardcore Playlists

MLG Team Slayer
MLG Team King of the Hill

SWAT Magnums

Team Snipers (Map renamed to Snipestruct)
Team Snipers

Social Playlists

Rumble Pit

Social Slayer
Team Slayer
Team BR’s

Multi Team
Team Slayer


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